(Excerpt from my book: How to Safely Navigate the Spirit Realm)


Complicating our interaction with the spirit realm is our world going through major upheaval, societal changes, war, and social unrest. Problematic entities feed on strong emotions, so those beings are currently having a field day!  


Economists are talking about the Strauss–Howe theory of “generational chaos,” where members of the population are replaced over time by new members with different values and characteristics. There are four stages, called “turnings,” to this theory and right now we are in the last or 4th phase, called the crisis phase, which can lead to the collapse of societies.  Currently economists believe we are halfway to that collapse.


Chinese metaphysics practitioners are currently preparing for the arrival of a new 20-year cycle of energy called “Period 9,” which becomes exact in February 2024, but we are already feeling the start of the shift. These periods start changing when the planets Saturn and Jupiter conjunct, an event that creates distinctly different energy than we have been experiencing. This new energy significantly impacts our career, business, relationship, health, luck, living environment, and destiny. The 9 Fire star is related to the eyes, heart, and mind, as well as explosions and fire in a destructive way. Expect significant change.


On December 21, 2020, Western astrologers were excited to see a once in 20-year alignment between Jupiter and Saturn, known as a “Great Conjunction.” A conjunction is an exact alignment of two planets causing their vibrations to blend and work together. The conjunction of these two massive planets makes life interesting as both deal with authority. Jupiter is associated with health, wealth, and having a good time, while Saturn favors strict responsibility and setting limits. A power struggle ensues from figuring out the best way to ‘rule,’ and  brings about cultural changes and an attempt to shift to more progressive ideas and away from the past, old values, and means. Astrologers believe it will shake things up politically, socially, and in one’s personal life as well, partly because the conjunction takes place in Aquarius, the sign of social change.


Another story to explain these times of unrest come from metaphysicians who believe that we are halfway through what is call “Ascension,” where the planet Earth moves from the 3rd to the 5th dimension, the last physical dimension. The 4th dimension is non-physical, all about emotions. Earth is the first planet to attempt this shift and the energy change is causing chaos. The control offered by the rules and regulations of the 3rd dimension are gone now and, until the new structure of the 5th is created, imbalance rules. That imbalance brings a lot of fear, and fear attracts the attention of entities that feed on fear.


In every one of these belief systems, the old is on the way out and it is leaving a mess behind. Those that don’t want change can’t stay where they are, and they wind up in fear and loss, those feelings affecting their energy, stressing emotions and making them more susceptible to unwanted spiritual ‘guests.’


Others are wondering why life cannot be like it was before. They don’t have any kind of explanation for what is going on in the world and just want to get back to the good old days. Without any type of explanation, hopeful story, or anchor to hold onto, fear and blame start to rule their lives.  


What is good about these times is that it will be excellent for releasing old habits to make way for new ways of doing things, offering energy to progress toward dreams a person has held onto for a long time.


Healers need to realize that they are part of these changes: the losses, the rebuilding, increased energy, etc., being affected by them energetically at the same time they care for others. The healer must keep strong emotional boundaries during this time and do his or her best to remain neutral about life. Be the neutral observer. Stay in your own matrix, ground yourself thoroughly, and be an example for your clients. You are holding space for humanity during these times.


Most of all, remember that you are creating our own future life. Choose wisely. Bring what helps you forward; leave the broken, the no-longer-useful, the energy-depleted stuff behind, perhaps even some relatives. This may be the time to move to a new location and start a new career, more in keeping with your destiny.


Pick your favorite story for the times we are in and let it anchor you. Accept and even seek out change as you create a new life. Then determine to live that life to the fullest.


And remember to stay neutral!



Take Care and Great Ayni,


Carole Conlon




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