Chinese Medicine and Springtime

Springtime presents us with a very active season after the ‘hold tight’ energy of winter. Here in New Mexico that new activity comes in the form of windstorms, blowing dust, and allergies. Spring cleaning is a must!

That same spring cleaning also applies to your internal organs. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the spring season is associated with the Wood element, which governs the Liver and Gallbladder organs. The Liver energy is most active during this season, so it’s a good time to support and promote its healthy function. And since detoxifying your body is one of the major things the liver does for you, this is the best time to do a detox protocol on it, taking advantage of the increased energy movement.

Here are some Traditional Chinese medical suggestions for the spring season:

Eat green vegetables: In TCM, the color green is associated with the Liver and the Wood element so grab the spinach, kale, and broccoli.

Eat sour foods: The sour taste helps stimulate the Liver and aids digestion, so consume foods such as lemon, vinegar, and pickled vegetables.

Exercise: The Liver is believed to oversee movement and action in our minds and bodies so Spring calls for gentle exercise such as tai chi, qigong, or yoga, to help to promote the flow of Qi (life force energy).

Get enough sleep: The Liver, which also regulates the sleep-wake cycle, needs good rest to aid your overall health.

Practice stress-reduction techniques: The Liver is particularly sensitive to stress so practice techniques such as meditation or deep breathing exercises.

On the Metaphysical Front

If you haven’t noticed already, the energy of March is a tough one, with lots of turbulence in all areas of  life. You need to really buckle down and decide what you want for your future, set boundaries, and clear away what is no longer needed, including belongings, people, bad habits, and old projects that no longer match your goals. Reset your entire life now. Simplify!

This month’s energy makes creativity and manifestation available if you are ready for it, so focus your thoughts and actions wisely on what you want. Don’t forget showing gratitude for what you are receiving.

Above all this month, take advice from your heart. Ask ‘how do I feel?’ rather than ‘what do I think?’

For the technically minded, the disruptions this month are due to planetary shifts into new signs. Pluto (the planet of transformation, magic, and spirituality) moves into Aquarius (open-minded, idealistic, studious, friendly) which brings changes to the social order and advancements in human rights, sciences, and technology. This is the beginning of a 20-year cycle, so hold on to your seat!

The second planetary effect affecting us this month is Saturn (disciplinarian; heavy issues, mastery, life lessons) moving into Pisces (adaptable, emotional, feeling, loves beauty, unassuming) bringing realization of some dreams as well as smoke and mirrors of others.

With these planetary shifts happening, we end up with chaos in these early stages, even as we’ve currently been feeling the chaos of the last 20-year cycle ending.

Change happens. Accept that.

Now look at your own life.

Clarify your values and goals.

Simplify and just keep what fits into this new vision.

Create joy!

Great ayni as you sort out your life,