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You are more than a collection of symptoms and isolated parts!

Integrative health and medicine takes into account the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, uses the most appropriate approaches to provide optimal health and healing – including lifestyle changes, and focuses on treating the whole person – body, mind, energy, emotions and in some cases, spirit.

Disease (dis-ease) affects us on all these levels, usually due to multiple factors combining to create an outcome. To truly heal, you must look “upstream” from a symptom or group of symptoms to address the real problem causing it.

For example, hypertension (high blood pressure) can be caused by:

      • Food allergies
      • Mineral deficiency or metabolic acidosis
      • Inflammation, pain, or immune problems
      • Emotions
      • Circulation blockage to either large or small blood vessels
      • Issues with the brain, heart, liver or kidneys

In conventional medicine, the focus is to work on symptoms to treat specific diseases, so once the disease is “cured”, treatment ends. The approaches used by these doctors only apply to a few. In the example of hypertension, the primary goal of the doctor is to lower the blood pressure, usually with prescription drugs.

Integrative medicine focuses on body systems and treats health and, essentially, the treatment never ends. This approach utilizes principles that are universally relevant. So rather than simply treating the symptom of high blood pressure in our above example, an integrative practitioner would search to discover and treat the underlying problem, harmonizing that ‘upstream’ issue through a variety of treatments and lifestyle changes which, in turn, will clear up the hypertension.



The purpose of this website is to show you ways to become a full partner in your own integrative healthcare. Carole will share more on lifestyle changes such as diet, supplements, exercise, environment, and simple self-healing methods as a place for you to start.

Rather than wait for a medical emergency to force you into a course of action, I challenge you to take a look at your life and health right now and begin making wise changes. Respectfully partner with your body and begin the process of transformation.


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