Guided by spirit during a session, Carole combines different approaches to give you the best results possible.

Book a LifeWeaving Call With Carole


This is a Discovery Call for someone wanting to see if a LifeWeaving session with Carole would be a good match for your needs.


Alignment and discovery session, including an extensive Spiritual Clearing to assure best answers, as well as ample time for answering specific questions.



Mini tune-up session and brief guidance for one or two questions.


This session includes a quick ‘Spiritual Tune Up’ to align everyone involved, and plenty of time to answer questions linked to either a past session or address new issues.


This session is best for a deep-dive into specific topics or collection of questions.

What is LifeWeaving?

  • A painless dowsing method using a pendulum and special charts.
  • Accesses information from a person’s conscious and subconscious minds.
  • Can  be done in person or over the phone.
  • The first clearing step, the ‘Spiritual Tune-Up,’ prepares the client so we obtain correct answers.
  • Second step is to research specific questions about health, wealth, relationships, and much more.


After your LifeWeaving Session, you will be sent a PayPal invoice which allows you to pay through Paypal or any credit card. I also accept payments through Zelle and Venmo. Details are included in the invoice.

To Make a Distance LifeWeaving Appointment via Email

    For an email distance session, send the following information via  the contact form:

    1. Your name, email address, and phone number.
    2. The main issue(s) you want to address.
    3. When it started and what was happening in your life at that time.
    4. First name of everyone involved with the issue(s).
    5. Any other details you can share.
    6. Any specific questions you have.

    After the session, you will receive a report of findings by email and have a chance to ask questions during a short phone call. At that time Carole asks for feedback.

     You will receive a PayPal invoice following our work.




      Tap Into the World of Chinese Metaphysics to Help You Discover and Align to Your Best Destiny

      • BAZI ASTROLOGY CHART READING – Natal or yearly reading with written report. $150
      • BAZI ASTROLOGY CONSULTATION – overview or targeted questions.  $75
      • QIMEN – Targeted forecasting or strategy questions. $75
      • QIMEN ‘GUARDIAN OF DESTINY’ – what your Guardian of Destiny is, what superpowers it gives you, and how to work with it. $47
      • FENG SHUI CONSULTATION — floor plan layout of your home or apartment, divided into the specific energy areas; identified for your best areas to use for specific activities, which to avoid, and when it makes more sense to move. $350
      • HOUSE ENERGY CLEARING – Distance spiritual clearing for home, land, and all occupants along with a short report. $100

      Heal Yourself by Simplifying and Aligning Your Supplement Protocols

      1.  Fill out a health questionnaire first to determine what body systems are in need of support. This questionnaire looks at the various body systems:

      Hormones  –   Sugar Management   –   Minerals

      Inflammation   ~    Immune System   ~   Circulatory

      Digestive   ~   Neurological   ~  Cell  Vitality

      2.  Review your list of current supplements to test for effectiveness, tolerance, and dosage as well as identify any that are duplicating the same effect.

      3. Carole will offer suggestions for any additional supplements needed and help you choose the best Standard Process whole food supplements (or your preferred brand) to help your body heal.

      4.  A monthly recheck of the questionnaire is scheduled to track changes and keep you on track.

      Cost:  $100 for initial supplement check and a one month follow up.


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