We’ve just finished the solemn occasion of Memorial Day, hopefully taking time to be grateful for those soldiers who gave their lives to defend our country. It’s an important day of reflection about the precious freedoms we now enjoy.

Memorial Day occurs at the end of a month which has been a perfect time for introspection about work, friends, our livelihoods, our past and, more importantly, our future. If you haven’t already taken time to consider your place in your immediate universe, there are still a few days to pop it into your schedule.

Yes, it is time for changes, and you need to take charge of what must happen in your own life.

In April, Planet Earth was bombarded by way too many x-class solar flares that made life miserable for sensitive people: exhaustion and anxiety complaints were common. Meanwhile the world’s collective population was also dealing with fear, anger, frustration, hatred, and more . . . none of it good.

However, this last week of May, universal energy is starting to change, bringing more support, clarity, and movement – if you have done the work.

Four days left to clarify:

  • What inspires you?
  • Who can help you the most?
  • What is your truth?
  • What are your goals and intentions?

Make time to create a quality future!


Great Ayni,