Happy Chinese Solar New Year!

February 4th marked the beginning of the Chinese (solar) new year. You celebrated the Lunar New Year last week.

2023 is a pivotal year for our planet, and February becomes a very important month for everyone. Previously I’ve talked about Period 9 (You can see it here), a new 20-year cycle that starts in 2024. What happens this year affects the next two decades. What you do this month sets the tone for your entire year. Will 2023 be a rebound year for you or a disaster?

It’s AN IMPORTANT YEAR so take note!

For this blog I am sharing information from Joey Yap, a leading practitioner and teacher of Chinese metaphysics. These are some excerpts from his Feng Shui Astrology World Edition presentation on January 31, 2023.


What to expect?

2023 gives us a preview of some of the changes this new age is bringing into reality. According to Joey Yap’s interpretation of the ancient text known as the Mother Earth Oracle, the year looks like there will be global recession, illness, potential famine, hunger protest, and people out of work as business production changes. You can expect:

  • 2023 welcomes in a new age of spirituality and wellbeing
  • Rising costs with diminished returns
  • From nothing comes something
  • Next great technological advancement
  • Economic & financial collapse (already happening)
  • Outbreak of war (already happening)
  • Consumer behavior change (everyone wants more bang for their buck)
  • Access to funds important (build a line of credit before you need it)

Don’t despair.


There is Hope!

There are ways to become more productive and happier in 2023, even with this rocky outlook. Decide which of the following are a match for you and your circumstances and make your own reality by

  • Having self-love
  • Having the right supporters
  • Realigning your approach to living with new goals, new plans, etc.
  • Changing your perception and expectations to fit this new age
  • Helping other people

Watch Out for What Can Bring You Down

There is the possibility of failing in 2023 if you subscribe to any of the following five things:

  • Perfectionism
  • Listening to naysayers
  • Overconfidence
  • Not trusting others
  • Being too proud to ask for help


What You Need to Do NOW for 2023

Remember those new year’s resolutions you started making in January? How are those going? Well, here is an opportunity for you to try, try, again.

Right now take a meditative moment, tap  into the universe, and create a plan to help you manifest during this year, regardless of what the overall 2023 energy provides. Find ways to be flexible, able to pivot when needed.  Find ways to change what you are doing now so you meet the coming changes halfway.

  1. Set your intention for the year – Create a ‘Manifesting Plan’ for what you want to achieve (only those things under your control)
  2. Decide how the universe can help you.
  3. Know who or what is really at stake

I hope this information empowers you to take action and make any necessary life changes. Rebound year or disaster?  Stay tuned.

Great Ayni!