Today I’m going to talk a little bit about using LifeWeaving Dowsing to help understand both spiritual and earthly relationships.

The spiritual connections start out with the soul family. There are several soul families, each with many souls connected by a common purpose. Visualize the soul family as a flower with petals, where each petal is called the flame family. Each flame family is a group of nine souls which split into duality to go off and see the universe.  The flame family members closely interact with each other in a variety of relationships, lessons, and experiences during lifetimes. And that’s when karmic problems began. They’re the ones that you will marry, the ones who will cheat or screw you over at times, they might become your children, they might become your parents. We work with flame family members, lifetime after lifetime in very close connection, which is why when you’re walking down the street, you sometimes will see somebody and say, “Oh, you, I know you but I don’t know where from.” That Deja Vu is often because they are one of those other flame family members back again in this lifetime.

The twin flame, or the soulmate that everyone is looking for, is the exact split of the soul into the male-female, the yin-yang. Those looking to attract their soulmate during a lifetime can create a difficult problem. We are working with two halves of a whole, they’re opposites, they both have their own individuality at this point. And to come together means one or the other must let go to merge, or they both have to let go in order to merge. Yet the desire is to merge, almost like fatal attraction. This can cause a lot of problems if you do indeed meet your soulmate.

You will also connect with some of the other 16 in this flame family who are close relatives spiritually, but it won’t be as crazy as if you meet the being that is your exact soul split.

During a lifetime, in addition to existing in the moment, we are also doing lessons or clearing karma and sometimes need help to get them done. While in Bardo (where spirits go between lifetimes to plan the next incarnation) we may turn around and ask somebody, usually a soul in our flame family, for help.

One example would be to have lived many, many, many lifetimes, and you’ve never experienced poverty. This is an important lesson that needs to be learned, so you look around and say “I can’t do it on my own. Will somebody help me please?” And one of your flame mates will usually (reluctantly) raise a hand and say “I’ll do it, I’ll do it.” So later in life, you’ve incarnated, grown up, you’ve got money, and this other incarnated soul is going to work their way into your life, and screw you out of that money. And now you know poverty and can complete your education. You’ve also probably developed karma with this other person because we forget that we’ve asked for the lesson. That becomes a problem. One lifetime after another we’re working on developing karma and clearing karma. The grateful thing now is that as we get closer and closer to ascension, and we’re almost there, karma is immediate and often occurs in the moment so there’s less of it to deal with.

Another major spiritual relationship problem I like to look for, especially if I’m working with couples, is if one of them is acting as a guardian angel to the other. Because Spirit is infinite, we can be both incarnated as well as acting as guardian angel in spirit at the same time. However, if only one of them is the guardian angel, the other person can take total advantage of them. Because as named, a guardian does no harm, protects from harm, can’t let any harm come to whomever they are guarding. I always like to disengage that kind of a relationship and make sure both are neutral about each other and not spiritually working together, or that both are guardian angels to each other . That’s usually a safe connection.

On the earthly level, I’m always looking for cords and attachments. An attachment is when a person links to somebody outside themselves, connecting to the other person energetically, holding on. Cording is when someone sort of sticks a straw into your energy field, and they’re sucking away and depleting your energy like a vampire. The connection can be made in person, over the phone, or even from a past life.

We really don’t want cords or attachements to happen. You’ll know you’ve been corded if one minute you are just feeling great, meet up with someone, and within seconds all you can think of is going to bed; I’m so tired, so exhausted, I wish they would go away. What’s happened is that they are draining your energy which feeds their own. It can be a conscious thing, or it can be subconscious, especially if they’re really hurting or if they’re in a bad way, you’re likely to get corded so it is important to be aware of that. If it does happen, the fastest way to clear it is to sweep your hands down across the front of your body and just say “cut the cords, cut the cords, cut the cords.” This helps because cords are usually attached to the chakras. The clearing action will do it. However, remember the next time you see that person or even talk on the phone, be cautious of the same thing happening. Be sure to test afterwards to make sure you don’t have cords again or just clear to be sure.

Another thing that’s important to test before a session is what frequency or level of consciousness somebody is at, where the higher the level, the better. The higher the frequency, the more they’re going to understand and be open to, for example, the energy work you’re doing. The lower the level, they’re going to run. So even before you meet with somebody, especially if it’s a client, test and find out their level of consciousness. Presently, I use 3.0 to 10.0 as my number range. For example, if I test their numbers and it ends up nine and then a one, okay, fine, they’re at a high level of 9.1. I know we can talk and I don’t have to hide anything if it sounds weird. By testing frequency, you get an idea of how you can work with them the best, and that’s cool.

One other relationship test I always do is to use the first chart, the Power Chart, to test archetypes of people. This is important when I’m dealing with couples, or after clearing energy between people. After clearing any programs, the chart dowsing looks nice and clear. And yet, there’s just a little hesitancy in that other person you’re working on when they think about the other person we just cleared. In this case I started testing the archetype chart.

Archetypes are like universal job descriptions: around the world a father should be one who protects and provides for; a mother is nurturing, loving. Any of these archetypes can come up and sometimes we get stuck in one or more when dealing with people. Memories from other lifetimes can come in and affect us. For example, I talk about a boss and an employee, who the boss always thinks of as a thief, that’s the archetype. Once cleared with LifeWeaving, the boss will see the employee as neutral, which is much better.  So once you’ve done a clearing on people, check the archetype circle: How do they see that person we just cleared? If it isn’t neutral, if it goes to anything else on that chart, you should clear it with LifeWeaving and pull them back to neutrality so that the next time they meet, at least they’re starting on a neutral footing. It will save a lot of challenges, it really will.

These are a few ways that I work with LifeWeaving to look at both spiritual and earthly connections between people. Knowing these connections will help.

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