This is part two of my series about LifeWeaving dowsing. Today’s topic is understanding and simplifying workplace issues using LifeWeaving Dowsing.

Looking at the People Involved

First, we should always use LifeWeaving to look at any spiritual connections between people, which I discussed in the first video. You want to know if people are karmically compatible; are the two of them going to bring discord to the office place? We need to know what core values they have, what’s their level of consciousness/their frequency?  if they’re at a very low level, that won’t to be best if your business is at a very high vibration. We want and need people at that high, high level to keep the whole business at the best possible level.

We also need to know if that person will fit with others, especially if it’s a small place and everybody’s desks are crammed together, like in the old days. We can tell by testing for curses, contracts, heart vows, hidden vows, or soul programs running between their souls; we can catch past life issues and clear those. And we can look at the archetypes and see how people view each other, whether neutral or if there’s some old, old story going on in their heads (which you really don’t want). You can test for the best fit for a company as an employee.

Checking Out a Company or Professional

There is another business use for LifeWeaving. If you are looking for a company or professional to work with, I recommend testing the consciousness level of that business, owner, and staff. I also test the business itself, the business entity, which usually, but not always, matches the owner – especially if it’s a national chain.

You should also test the archetypes to see how clients are viewed by the business.

What we’re wanting to see is that both the business and the boss or professional is neutral about clients. Otherwise, you might be looking for trouble. For example, if a woman is going to get a car repaired, you want to be sure that you will be treated fairly. You look at the level of consciousness of the business and mechanic and check if that repair person sees the woman as damsel or victim. If yes, find somewhere else to go because chances are you’ll be cheated. It isn’t fair but it does happen.

Additionally, I’ll take the testing one step further and make sure that there are no karmic issues between myself and the provider. Are they in the same soul and flame family? If they are that’s a flag that there may be more issues like curses, contracts, heart vows, hidden vows or programs running. No? Excellent.

My final question is what option is it for me to use this business/professional? Using a number chart, if I get options #1, #2, or #3 everything should be okay; option #4 is take it or leave it; more than four it is best to avoid them.

These are some of the ways you can use LifeWeaving to really improve your business life, to get better service and avoid some of the pitfalls. Use the Power and Research LifeWeaving charts to look for problems or find ways to effectively solve business and work problems.

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