This is the third in a series on how to use LifeWeaving Dowsing. Today’s topic is testing health issues. How can dowsing charts with a pendulum help someone’s health? The main way is to remove emotional scars and memories blocking energy flow, ultimately causing physical problems.

LifeWeaving clearing starts at the spiritual level, working down through the mental, emotional, energetic to the physical levels. So a dowser won’t always see a direct change to physical symptoms, but sometimes you do.

The “Spiritual Tune Up”

LifeWeaving health issues starts with the spiritual tune up that I described in the first part of this series.  I use all three charts to do the work. Once you’ve got the spiritual tune up cleared you can also ask whether the person is aligned with their Original Perfect Destiny Blueprint, and their Original Perfect Health Blueprint. These are the blueprints or contracts that we came into life with, things that we planned to complete and do during the lifetime. Now if a person comes in with ADHD, for example, it may be part of a blueprint, because his or her soul didn’t want to be bothered by a lot of things in life. So now they are treated differently and can get their destiny work done.

If a person is in a car accident or suffers from some other injury that’s not part of the Destiny Blueprint, they have gone off track a bit. Or you might have done something dumb healthwise and you got off track. If either of these is the case, you will have a better chance of clearing them up with LifeWeaving.

Addressing the Body Level of the Problem

Once done with the tune up, the spiritual clearing, I like to do further testing using the Power chart. By asking questions, I can find out what level body level the problem is on (mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, energetic), which gives more information about how it can be worked on. If on the physical, then a hands-on approach can help; if it is an emotional problem, LifeWeaving Dowsing does an excellent job of clearing. If the chart sends me to the physical chart, PRSM Chart it’s called, you can tell basically what’s going on with body systems and lets you go a little bit deeper. At this point you can see if the issue is internal like the gallbladder, liver, heart, the lungs, or what? You can use LifeWeaving Power chart for dowsing to identify what is being affected by the illness.

LifeWeaving can also let you know what’s going on with to test the general health of a person, track symptoms, track progress if very sick, etc. If you have other symptoms, for example a daily headache, then start with the LifeWeaving Power chart. Why? In order to find out all the information you can and clear what you can; then if need be, you will be directed to the PRSM chart to figure out what’s happening on the physical. Is the problem the neck or atlas? Is it liver? Is it a chakra that is out of balance? You can find a great deal of information from working with these charts.

As I mentioned before, you are starting clearing at the spiritual body level, working down towards the physical, so at the same time, it’s good for the client to have a physical approach. As you clear the blockages to healing those physical treatments will be much more effective. Or if the client has hit a healing plateau, LifeWeaving can remove that blockage so they begin to respond to hands-on treatments again.

Affecting the Physical Level

Occasionally, you will get a miracle when physical symptoms clear up after doing LifeWeaving and that is so awesome to see. It can happen a lot after clearing allergy programs from a past time when an allergy has caused death. Following LifeWeaving clearing, the body has no more problem. Of course, you have to be careful if it’s a life and death type of allergy, like shellfish. If so, the client must ease into it very, very carefully, but it can be done. There may also be more levels to be cleared so be aware.

Another plus for using LifeWeaving to help diagnose is when people have problems that make no sense, LifeWeaving testing can give you or an open-minded doctor an idea of where to focus. That can be helpful. Using LifeWeaving testing and clearing for health issues can be effective on many levels. Give it a try.

Great Ayni,