Let’s switch things up this new year.

2023 promises to be as crazy or even crazier than 2022 according to astrologers and metaphysicians. As a result, I’ve decided it would be best to slow down any response to the year’s happenings, news, and delights that are in store for us.

To begin with, let’s take some time to look at how last year went, review your part in it, and release it.

2022 brought a little more productive energy and confidence as we climbed further out of the COVID mess but, at the same time, it brought impulsive, violent actions throughout the world. In the USA, the Pluto return (first one since 1776) brought societal changes, revealed secrets, and political unrest. Globally, a lot of restructuring began in the areas of wealth, economics, banks, stock market, and real estate. In the second half of the year the eclipses in Scorpio and Taurus triggered breakdowns, breakthroughs and culminations, challenging ideas of comfort and stability, especially around home life. If you had been holding onto something or keeping something under wraps, it may have come to life or pulled away.

Now is the time to reflect on 2022 and officially release the energies and events that impacted you.

Release Ceremony to Assess Your 2022 Year

  • Light a candle with the intention of releasing the year.
  • Do a review of the various Life Areas including career/journey, personal/work relationships, learning/skills, spirituality, goals/aspirations, health/fitness, and creativity/children. Were there excuses, fears, disappointments, unpleasant surprises, or unwanted repeated behaviors that showed up? Jot them down on a slip of paper.
  • Next think of all the wins, breakthroughs, and delights of this past year in those same life areas—who and what you are grateful for. Write them down as well.
  • Now, see how these events have served you, receiving their gifts of wisdom that fueled the path towards your destiny. Reflect on the lists for a few minutes, then light them up and drop them into a receptacle to safely burn, watching, with gratitude, as the flames and smoke release the energy into the ethers making way for new to come in.
  • Read this passage from Neale Donald Walsch:

“Whatever last year was for you, call it perfect. Do not argue with it. Do not regret it or call it bad. It was as it was because evolution demanded it. You don’t have to hope that this is true, you don’t have to believe that this is true, you can know that this is true. Do you know how you can know that this is true? Because it happened the way it happened.

The idea that kills us, that makes our minds go crazy, is the idea that it should have happened another way. Obviously, it should not have, or it would have. We do not live in a universe of random chance. Nor is God sadistic, tossing us into the fire and then offering to pull us out. Our opportunity, then, is to move into gratitude at every occurrence.

Thank you, God, for last year and everything that happened. And thank you for the new year and everything that will happen.”

Be sure to schedule some quiet time in January to get this done. Meanwhile, take stock of those same life areas in preparation for welcoming the new lunar year in early February.

Happy New Year and Great Ayni in 2023,