As December’s Christmas lights are extinguished, we welcome the slow but precious increase of daylight minutes during January, a long month of typically cold weather and few holidays to relieve the routine. Read on to understand the energy you are facing . . .   

Chinese Five Element Theory

In Chinese Five Element Theory, winter season of December, January and February is the water element which rules the kidneys and bladder. Your kidneys are the storehouse of vital essence/qi and are also the gateway to the stomach; bladder eliminates fluid waste.

In this season if a person is yin type, they will lack energy, be fearful, give up on life and surrender control of their own destiny, and lack determination to achieve goals. This type of person must conserve and strengthen their energy, do what they can, but not postpone finishing tasks. Overcome any fear of failure and find inner strength.

A yang type person does too much, is ambitious and ruthless, lacks consideration for others. This person suppresses his or her own fears but lives in great stress from fear of loss of control, so they seek safety by obtaining power and domination over others. If you recognize yourself as this type, learn to act from inner stillness and strength; to slow down and learn the balance of activity and rest, to open up to love and learn consideration for self and others.

For a balance have a firm will but have concern for yourself and others. Don’t be discouraged by difficulties but also don’t be foolhardy. Act from inner strength and faith in yourself.

Metaphysical Take on January

On a metaphysical basis, January is a time for self-care on all levels.  Make the time to reflect, to make changes, to toss and modify whatever needs to be tossed or modified.

What You Can Do

Seek: Find inner strength and faith with meditation and prayer.

Reflect:  What do you want your life to become this year?

Focus:  Set goals to get your life in order.

Act: Conserve your energy but take moderate action.

This is a new beginning. Take advantage of it!

Start NOW!

Great Ayni!



For Meditation/Prayer: My Ascension Prayer

Reflection & Planning: If you still like to use pen and paper, try a Planner Pad organizer

If you want help realigning body, mind, and spirit for the year, contact Carole for assistance.