CHANGE: to make different, alter, modify; to replace with something else.

Some changes like the weather we can look forward to.

Some changes like switching the clocks from savings back to standard time are not as much fun.

Changes that are forced upon us can cause panic, fear, or anger because they take us out of our comfort zone. We want to go back to the safety of the known.

But now change is upon us in the form of a blood moon total lunar eclipse in Taurus, It takes  place at 4:02 a.m. MDT on November 8th. Eclipses are catalysts for change so expect the unexpected. This eclipse will conjunct Uranus—the planet of chaos, breakthroughs, and unexpected change—so what comes up can be enlightening, liberating, disruptive, and extremely shocking all at the same time. Individuals as well as the collective will be affected so hang on and know that it is part of the Divine Plan. Expect to confront, release, and purge any energy that’s no longer aligned with your highest good.

Of course, here in the United States, midterm elections are being held on the 8th. Given the current political climate in our country of hateful rhetoric, physical threats, and the like, November 8th will be a good day to vote if you haven’t already, then hunker down and concentrate on your own life, and send out some peace to the world.

BE THE NEUTRAL OBSERVER of whatever happens.

Those people that can stay neutral will help to ground the entire political process.



Closer to home, I have been experiencing changes in work and health matters.

For anyone who has signed up for my classes at Thinkific, know that I soon will be moving everything to another platform called TekMatix. As I work on that process, I am also making changes to the Steps to Learning LifeWeaving Dowsing course, which will become two (more easily manageable) classes, as well as bring in more material to increase understanding. When the courses go live, I will be sending out an email with your special codes so you can continue your studies.

Next year I will be offering some LifeWeaving training over Zoom. Stay tuned!

If you have online courses or are planning to start creating, I’m going to put in a plug for the new TekMatix business and educational platform. The developers are offering a special rate now that saves $$$ because this program has the function of all the other programs and software you need to create, advertise, maintain, and manage all the aspects involved.  That includes templates for building websites, creating funnels for your classes, blogging, email list management, and much more.

On the health front, I’m becoming the bionic woman! Last December I underwent a total hip replacement. This year it looks like a shoulder replacement may be in order.

One problem we face during ascension is that our bodies are supposed to be shifting to a crystalline form, away from the solid carbon-based beings we are now. The ever-increasing energy frequencies hitting the planet are responsible for increasing our own vibrations. Unfortunately, our bones and teeth are so solid they protest what is happening. So, think about supporting them during these times.

Due to my bone and joint issues, I’m making one major dietary change right now – to use bone broth daily.  Bone broth supplements collagen and other needed elements to strengthen the skeleton and joints. Happy to say I found a powdered form of bone broth – ready to add to a cup of hot water for a good tasting health boost. Check it out if you’ve been feeling like you need more energy to get through your day or if you have been experiencing joint pain.

For anyone who had a difficult time with ghosts or spirits over Halloween, my latest book How to Safely Navigate the Spirit Realm is available on Amazon (Kindle or print). The veil is thinnest during this time of year so there is more opportunity to interact with spirits, whether you want to or not. Add unrest, world anger, and an unsettled collective and chances go higher for a potential encounter with entities and spirits. Learn how to deal with spiritual incursions in your home or on your person with helpful techniques, prayers, and other tools found in the book.

Meanwhile, let the eclipse do its work changing people’s destinies, supplement your life with what tools you will need to take action on the upcoming changes, and stay neutral about the rest of the world. If need be, create Plans of Action B and C so you are prepared for anything that comes your way! Then just START!

Take Care and Great Ayni!