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My path included working as a medical technologist for 12 years in a variety of hospital settings (and ‘burning out’ during a four-year stint in Public Health Service Hospitals in Barrow and Bethel, Alaska). After a year’s sabbatical, I began studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine, and worked as an  acupuncturist for 25 years. During that time, I also began developing a dowsing healing system called LifeWeaving & Ayni Restoration, by integrating the best parts of the many different methods that I had studied.

Finally in 2006, a paradigm-shifting course revealed my life destiny, and, to embrace that mission, I began upgrading and transforming both myself and my work. I also decided to leave the Northwest (trees, rain, mold, etc.) for the sunny Southwest (sun, sun, sun) and landed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Now I continue my own healing path as well as helping others by working with my Guardian of Destiny, the Great Moon (from my Chinese Metaphysics Qi Men Chart). This guardian is all about collecting (often hidden) information, something I have done throughout my entire life. Now to completely fulfill my destiny work using the Moon, I must share what I have learned with others.

CaroleConlon at Moriarity Author Fair

Carole Conlon

Master Integrational Healer
Developer of the LifeWeaving Dowsing System



My continuing goal is to enable others to restore their own ayni and to ease their transition into the coming Golden Age.


Are you ready to clear, align and activate to your new 5th dimensional world?

I can help!

How is your ayni today?


My name is Brian Roberts and for close to 40 years I have been studying holistic systems, apprenticing with persons of spiritual consciousness, and developing processes like the Diamond Heart Energy Activations. (See )  . . .  I have been a student of LifeWeaving and Carole Conlon for over ten years. I am proud to say that I am beginning to teach LifeWeaving because this is the best way to truly learn it. Here are the facts, Carole can tune into and clear the life path with a mastery that is simply in a class all by it self. . . But her greatest gift is teaching people to know, to love and to trust themselves, some processes require precision and patience, Carole is that.

Brian T Roberts, Seattle, WA


Stay clear in this cloudy world!

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